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Decovida is the abbreviation of decoration and vidare, which means decoration makes life better.

Wilckens Farben GmbH in Germany and Alligator Nica(Shanghai)New Material CO .,Ltd in China signed an agreement in February 2022, stipulating that the latter is the exclusive agent of decovida coating imported from Germany in China and has the exclusive right to the registered trademark “Decovida” in China. In January 2024, the three parties signed a 《Amendment Agreement》, which stipulated that starting from January 1, 2024, Alligator Nica(Shanghai)New Material CO .,Ltd. would transfer Decovida's business to Decovida (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The latter, as successor of the initial Buyer of the original agreement signed on February 1, 2022, would enjoy all rights and obligations under the agreement.

Decovida coatings are characterized by high quality, high coverage and rich colors. If you are looking forward to your home, we could decorate your dreams.